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U.S. House OKs Lands Bill that Permits Refuge Road Planning
March 25, 2009

Izembek Road Delayed when Bill Containing it Stalls in US House
March 19, 2009

King Cove Cheers Wilderness Vote
January 15, 2009

Izembek Road Wins Support in US Senate
January 12, 2009

King Cove Road Project on Hold Until January
November 17, 2008

Izembek Road Plan Back Before Congress
September 21, 2008

Longtime Stewards of the Izembek Refuge Deserve a Road

May 31, 2008

King Cove Land Swap Bill Moves Forward
April 24, 2008

Alaska Journal of Commerce

King Cove-Cold Bay road access closer to reality
January 23, 2009

Land Swap to Provide for King Cove Road Project Still in Question
May 11, 2008

The Road to King Cove Hits Refuge Bump
October 07, 2007

Dutch Harbor Fisherman Articles

King Cove ‘Optimistic’ About Land Swap for Road Easement
April 24, 2008

Hovercraft Begins King Cove Service
August 09, 2007

Alaska Delegation Backs Wildlife Refuge Land Swap
July 05, 2007

Hovercraft to Connect King Cove, Cold Bay
May 10, 2007

Voice of the Times Commentary

King Cove Road Could Save Lives

June 14, 2007

Washington Post

Obama Signs Major Land Conservation Law
March 30, 2009

Senate Approves Contested Alaskan Road Project March 19, 2009

A Road to Somewhere Letter by Sen. Lisa Murkowski November 17, 2008

Proposed Road in Refuge Raises Fears About Drilling November 09, 2008

In Alaska, a Road Marked With Controversy
July 23, 2007

National Fisherman

King Cove's Road to Reason

December 2007

KDLG Radio

The Izembek Extension Act May Soon Be in Front of the US Senate
July 15, 2008

Alaska Public Radio Network

Senate Passes Izembek Land Swap–Again
March 19, 2009

Izembek Refuge Land Swap Legislation Passes Senate in Massive Lands Bill
January 15, 2009

New York Times

Enviro Groups Press Salazar to Kill Alaska Road Project April 02, 2009

Wilderness Bill Clears the House on Its Second Go-Round
March 26, 2009

Swapping Land for a Road to Somewhere Divides Alaskans
September 26, 2008

Other Resources & Local Voices

Governor Parnell Signs Izembek Land Exchange Bill
August 19, 2010

Legislature Approves King Cove - Cold Bay Road in Izembek Land Swap
April 15, 2010

Recent Medevacs Underscore Need for Road from King Cove to Cold Bay Airport

February 11, 2011

King Cove School Students Express Their Hope for a Road Through the Izembek

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